Welcome to AnnoyedMan.com, a website archiving the many rants, musings, screeds, and diatribes of The Annoyed Man - the most annoyed man on the Internet. I am, in this order of importance, a Christian, husband, father, grandfather, curmudgeon, and patriot. I am a Liberative Conservatarian, and a registered independent - having at various times in my life made the grave, but fortunately reversible, mistake of having registered as either a democrat or a republican. I consider myself an unbiased observer of people and politics. It is possible (nay, even likely) that something I publish here will offend you. Try and imagine how little I care. The Constitution of the United States of America protects your right to your opinions, including a right to BE offended; but exactly nowhere in that august document is there a section protecting you FROM offense. If you're angry enough about something I write, then you can cart your snowflake ass off somewhere else; or better yet, you can pull up your big-boy pants, try adulting for a while, and get your own website where you can write all you want about what a jerk I am.

If you're not offended, then we'll get along just fine; so pull up a chair, light a cigar, take a sip of that whiskey, and enjoy the visit.

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How Long?

Thanks to John Barrett, I have begun to study Algernon Sidney's "Discourses Concerning Government" - a book which informed Thomas Jefferson when he wrote our Declaration of Independence. It is an absolutely seminal work on the qualities of GOOD and JUST government, and it is the reason why we have a constitutional republic, and not a straightforward democracy (unlike what the progressives would try and lull you into believing).

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Don't Believe Them!

To anyone who has been a gun-owner for any length of time, there are two memes that are repeated ad-nauseum by people who would seek to curtail the expression of your 2nd Amendment right:

  1. "We don't want to TAKE your guns."

  2. "We just want common sense regulations."

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