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Those swords in scripture were not intended to be offensive weapons, they were defensive weapons. Just as today, my handgun is not an offensive weapon, it is a defensive weapon. In fact, the swords of the day in question were not the long Broadsword we think of from various mythologies, but rather they were the short Roman sword - more like a long Bowie-knife - called a Pugio. They were used for other things than fighting, such as slicing meat and cutting bread, but they were weapons. And make no mistake that, even though the intent was defensive, a sword is definitely a deadly weapon. Swords have been used to kill people in mass quantities over the milleniae. So progressive attempts to demonize the gun's intended use are without legitimacy. Similarly, the 2nd Amendment does not protect only flint-lock muzzle loading rifles. IF it were so, the 1st Amendment would not protect free speech on the Internet, radio, or television. In fact, we recognize that as technologies progress, Constitutional rights expand to include them. We recognize that, under the 4th Amendment, police may not use infrared or sound technology to penetrate your home, or obtain a wiretap, or place a camera inside your home, etc., etc., without a court ordered warrant. In other words, our Constitutional right against unreasonable searches and seizures has been extended to protection from technological intrusions that the Founding Fathers hadn't even dreamed of. In fact, the engineering leap from the primitive multi-shot pistols of the Founders' day (pepper-box pistols), to revolvers and semiautomatics today, is a much smaller technological leap than the leap from Ben Franklin's single sheet printing press to Google's data servers. So, just as progressive claims that the pistol was invented only to kill (just like the sword) is invalid, so is the progressive claim that 2nd Amendment protections do not extend to modern weapons, because they are more complex than cap and ball muzzle loaders.

It is NOT the tool which is at issue today, it is the condition of the human heart which wields the tool. The heart stands at the interface between our inner and outer worlds. When our heart is sick and we are convicted by what we see inside of ourselves, we project that loathing onto other people so that we don’t have to deal with the sickness of our hearts. We convert that loathing of others into pride of self. We don’t trust others with the means to defend themselves, because we do not trust OURSELVES with that means…..because we loath what we see inside of ourselves. Instead of dealing with what is inside of us, we escape it by blaming all ills on the world outside ourselves. Anything bad in our lives is ALWAYS the fault of someone else. We are ENTITLED to feel good about ourselves……even if the price for that is demonizing everyone else......or trampling on the other person's rights. The prideful heart seeks to question the other person’s rights, and to control the fulfillment of the other person’s needs.

The healthy heart understands that the inner world is not perfect, and it endeavors to work on that while understanding that this process—which we Christians call “sanctification”—is a lifelong thing…..and that we will still be sinners right up to the moment of our deaths. SAVED sinners, but still sinners. To see ones self as sinful and imperfect—and to be OK with that—requires humility. The humble heart does not question the other person’s rights or needs (not to be confused with “wants”). The humble heart seeks to protect the other person’s rights, and to fulfill the other person’s needs.

THIS is what is behind the demonization of a young intelligent mother from West Virginia by the name of Holly Fisher, who leans on God, loves the life he has given her, and leans on him daily to sustain her through the tragedy of her son’s illness. When she gives expression to her God-given rights, when she criticizes a broken and constipated healthcare system for putting her son’s life at risk, when she supports her dear husband who has volunteered his life on behalf of an ungrateful nation, EVERYTHING about her threatens the prideful heart. For to give in and show her compassion, the prideful heart must examine the internal world……a terrifying place if one is not prepared with a good dose of humility.

THAT is why she gets the criticism she does; NOT because she chooses to live her life fully and unapologetically, leaning into Jesus, and claiming the liberty HE has endowed her with..... including the right to possess and bear the means of protecting herself, her children, and others—with the "modern sword", a gun.


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