El Paso Shooter's Manifesto

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This last weekend, a sick son of a bitch shot up a Walmart in El Paso, killing 22 people and wounding many more. He left behind a manifesto, believing that he would be killed by police during the attack. For unknown reasons, he surrendered to law enforcement, but his manifesto is out there. Various social media sites have banned the uploading of this manifesto, and punishing people who try to upload it. I was locked out of my Twitter account for 12 hours because of it, and forced to delete the post before I could regain access to my account.

This is wrong for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one is that people have legitimate questions about what would motivate someone to commit this kind of horrible act. Well, his manifesto explains it. It is obvious to any sane person that the shooter was off his rocker, but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t lucid. His manifesto very clearly explains his motivations, and it answers most of the questions that people have. It is wrong to suppress it.

It is even more vile to cynically use that suppression to mislead the public about what the manifesto actually says. One particular Twitter user by the name of @LowLevelGeorge is being particularly shitty and cynical about doing this. To that end, I have uploaded a copy of it here to my site, and provide my reader a link to download a copy for themselves:


I will follow up on this post with another, dissecting what he ACTUALLY said, without the spin that either side is trying to put on it. Free speech does not thrive in an atmosphere of suppression and lies.


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