How Long?

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Thanks to John Barrett, I have begun to study Algernon Sidney's "Discourses Concerning Government" - a book which informed Thomas Jefferson when he wrote our Declaration of Independence. It is an absolutely seminal work on the qualities of GOOD and JUST government, and it is the reason why we have a constitutional republic, and not a straightforward democracy (unlike what the progressives would try and lull you into believing).

Right in the first couple of pages, Sidney writes:

".....and in as much as that good consists in a felicity of estate, and perfection of person, they [those who would argue against monarchies] highly valued such as had endeavored to make men better, wiser and happier. This they understood to be the end for which men entered into societies: And, though Cicero says, that commonwealths were instituted for the obtaining of justice, he contradicts them not, but comprehends all in that word; because ’tis just that whosoever receives a power, should employ it wholly for the accomplishment of the ends for which it was given. This work could be performed only by such as excelled in virtue; but lest they should deflect from it, no government was thought to be well constituted, unless the laws prevailed above the commands of men; and they were accounted as the worst of beasts, who did not prefer such a condition before a subjection to the fluctuating and irregular will of a man.

If we believe Sir Robert, all this is mistaken. Nothing of this kind was ever left to the choice of men. They are not to enquire what conduces to their own good: God and nature have put us into a way from which we are not to swerve: We are not to live to him, nor to ourselves, but to the master that he hath set over us. One government is established over all, and no limits can be set to the power of the person that manages it."

Sidney, Algernon (2015-08-23). Discourses Concerning Government (Kindle Locations 25-33). Kindle Edition.

Obama follows Sir Roberts' model. We are not to have choice under his power. We are not to enquire about policies existing allegedly for our own good. God and nature have put us under his power, and we are not to question it or deviate from his dicta. We are not to live for God, or for ourselves, but for Obama’s “divinely appointed” mastery over us. We have but one government (the federal), and there are no limits to the power of Obama’s power to manage it.

How long, America, before you awake from your slumber?


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