Clearing the Air (MH17 Shootdown) - Conclusions

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Therefore, any thinking person with a moral grounding can draw only one of three possible conclusions:

  1. The rooskies never trained the Ukrainian rebel forces on the system….. in other words, they handed a .44 magnum to a monkey and then just walked away. In that case, Russia is equally to blame for what happened.
  2. The Ukrainian rebels were well trained on the system, but they ignored their training in their zeal to get a shoot-down. In that case, they are guilty of 230 counts of criminally negligent homicide, and they should all be imprisoned for the rest of their lives.
  3. The Ukrainian rebels don’t give a damn about anything, and they’ll shoot anything out of the sky without feeling it necessary to make sure of their target. In that case, they should all be executed by being pushed out the back of a C-130 at 33,000 feet.

The rebels are thugs. They are being advised by Russian Spetsnaz, roughly the equivalent of American SEAL or Delta teams, provided by a nation led by a former KGB Colonel, Vladimir Putin…….also a thug, and a dictator with expansionist dreams. The Russian bear was never dead; merely in hibernation.

It is most likely that nobody will ever face justice for this crime against humanity. The Ukrainian rebels are not going to produce the guilty parties, and neither will the Russians. The rest of the world lacks the ability or the will to compel them to be produced. Therefore, they won’t. That culture produces leaders without grace, so the culture won’t compel them to be produced. The only realistic justice we can expect is for the general in command, over that individual commander and crew operating that individual BUK unit which fired its missile, to order that they be taken out back and shot for having placed the rebellion in a bad light.

This is the world we live in today….a world without justice, and in most cases, virtue. We cannot compel it. Only God can.


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